Juice Juice Juice

  Juicing is sooooo important.  Juicing provides you with the maximum nutrients provided by vegetables.  I can’t think of anything else that boosts your energy level faster than fresh vegetable juice.  What are some of your favorite recipes?  Post your favorite blends in the comments.  The Fibroid Foundation Family would love to try them! I …

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Juicing for Anemia

  My Go-To remedy for Anemia is beet and carrot juice.  I promise you, this juice works miracles!  When I am feeling particularly sluggish, I get a 16oz or 32oz cup of fresh beet and carrot juice, and within minutes I feel much better.  5-10 minutes later my energy level and oxygen intake increase.  Isn’t …

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  In a previous blog I mentioned the positive effect that I noticed when I removed meat from my diet.  Within recent months, I decided to remove chicken as well, and officially become a PESCETARIAN. I guess that women who have fibroids already have elevated estrogen levels, hence the growth of fibroids.  Thus our diets …