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Working in excruciating pain should never be an option. That’s why we launched the #askHER Workplace Reset—a movement designed to empower both employees and employers with simple, effective strategies to foster equitable and compassionate workplaces. Watch our video to kickstart your Workplace Reset journey and subscribe to our monthly free resource for ongoing insights on transforming your workplace for the better.

Curious about how menopause and menstruation friendly your workplace is? Take our Workplace Reset Quiz! This quick and easy quiz allows both employees and employers to answer a series of questions and discover how well their workplace supports menstrual and menopause needs. Don’t be ashamed to learn where you’re starting out—it will be a great testament at the end.

How it Works in Three Easy Steps

Join the Reset

Join the #askHER Workplace Reset Sign-up for the program as either an employee advocating for a menstrual-friendly workplace or a workplace seeking to create a menstrual-friendly workplace.

Let's Chat

We’ll chat about industry-specific needs, understand the accommodations currently in place, and what empathy and equity looks like in your specific workplace.

Reset the Workplace

We’ll provide resources and support to implement menstrual-friendly systems within your workplace, and we’ll be cheering you on as you advocate for your Workplace Reset!

Join the reset

You have the power to make a difference in your workplace

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is open to everyone, both individuals and businesses.

The #askHER Workplace Reset is a free initiative, thanks to our generous partners, as we believe menstrual equity and empathy should never exist behind a paywall.

To get started, apply as either an individual or as a business owner above. We recommend doing an assessment on the menstrual-support your workplace offers, as well as where that support could be strengthened.

After you register for the #askHER Workplace Reset initiative, you’ll hear from the Fibroid Foundation team with next steps on your journey to an equitable and empathetic workplace!

Community Voices

I would barely make it to my office on the second floor. I was always so winded and tired. There was no elevator on that side of the building and getting to one meant taking a longer walk from my car towards an elevator that had a 50/50 chance of working. Everyday I had to take my time with those stairs. And the closest bathroom was on the third floor in the middle of the building. Each step felt like it could’ve been my last” 

– FF Community Member

“I do hair! I have bleach in my client’s foils, as I’m standing talking waiting for them to process, I feel that gush! I know I’ve bled all over, my thighs, my top area and the back. I can’t just leave the salon, but am lucky enough that I can clean up and go on because I have an apron on protecting my clothes from hair color. When I’m leaving for the day my boss says “you still have your apron on”… I know!”

– FF Community Member

“Everything was fine until I was getting ready to leave the office. I stood up from my desk and it felt as if my insides caved in. Blood streamed all down my legs, ruined my shoes, and was on the carpet. I had to clean up myself and then try to lift the blood off the carpet before going home. Luckily the office was practically empty so I was able to clean up without anyone around.”

– FF Community Member

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