Juicing for Anemia


My Go-To remedy for Anemia is beet and carrot juice.  I promise you, this juice works miracles!  When I am feeling particularly sluggish, I get a 16oz or 32oz cup of fresh beet and carrot juice, and within minutes I feel much better.  5-10 minutes later my energy level and oxygen intake increase.  Isn’t that amazing!

This juice remedy was prescribed to me years ago by my Naprapath, Dr. Lynn Pittman, D.O.  Dr. Pittman recommends celery be added as well.  The beet boosts your hemoglobin, and the carrot binds the beet’s nutrients to your blood cells.  Oftentimes I drink this juice daily when needed.  This is a rarely discussed remedy for anemia.


Beet and Carrot Juice Recipe

1 Beet

6-7 large carrots


It’s easy to make at home, but if you’re not feeling well, it’s good to be able to quickly access a local juice bar.

For those of us who are severely anemic, a daily iron supplement is still a must.

Be Well,


“There is in the end no remedy but truth.”

-Mike Peters

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