Questions To Ask
Your Provider

Before Your Visit:

It’s best to be prepared when you visit your healthcare provider. Here, you’ll find questions to ask that you can print and take with you to your appointment. Take notes. Ask questions. Breathe easily. You’re informed and ready.

How many fibroids do I have, and where are they located?

What is the size of the fibroids. Are they near my bladder or fallopian tubes?


Am I anemic?


What tests or imaging do I need?


What medications are an option for me, and are there side effects?


What treatment options do you think would be best given my diagnosis?


Do you perform said treatment option frequently? If not, would you recommend someone?


Will the fibroids impact my fertility? (This may not be a concern for every person.)

Can we rank the concerns that are most important to me?

Ask any follow up questions that you would like answered.