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Your Health

Be Your Own Advocate

You absolutely can decide how your treatment takes shape. We are here to help. Consider this your personal guide to fibroid treatment and menstrual health.

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Peer to Peer Support

There is a community of women* just like you who have faced a fibroid diagnosis, and wondered what to do. Our chapters remove the guesswork, and connect you with a community that can provide information and share their experiences with you.

Fibroids 101

What is a fibroid?

The word fibroid is a term that is new to many of us when initially diagnosed. Don’t worry: We’re your resource to educate you on fibroids, treatment options and self-care.

Questions to Ask

What should I ask my doctor?

It’s best to be prepared when you visit your healthcare provider. Here, you’ll find questions to ask that you can print and take with you to your appointment. Take notes. Ask questions. Breathe easily. You’re informed and ready.


These are some resources that we think are just great!

As our organization has grown, we’ve developed an awesome network of allies and information. We’re sharing it all with you here, because why keep it to ourselves, right?