Annual Fibroid

Fibroid Summit 2023

Day 1: September 20, 2023

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Presenters Dr. William Catherino and Dr. Sedar Bulun

Fibroid Summit 2023

Day 2: September 21, 2023

 Presenters Dr. Shannon Whirledge and Dr. Mazhar Adli

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Fibroid Summit 2022

February 8th and 9th 2022

Fibroid Summit is an annual educational forum hosted by The Fibroid Foundation for patients and clinicians to dialogue.

Our 2022 Presenters were Kevin Hellman, PhD; Minerva Orellana, M.S., PhD Candidate; Dr. Jim Segars; and Dr. James Spies.

Fibroid Summit 2021

Fibroid Summit 2021, a forum for patients and clinicians to dialogue, was held in February 2021.

We heard from several leading experts in fibroid research, including Dr. Ayman Al-Hendy, Dr. Elizabeth “Ebbie” Stewart, Dr. Wanda Nicholson, Dr. Sony Singh, and Darlene Taylor, PhD. Fibroid Summit 2021 was hosted in partnership with The Campion Fund.


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