Every woman is an expert on her own body

- Sateria Venable, Founder of the Fibroid Foundation

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Learn the basics

- Sateria Venable, Founder of the Fibroid Foundation

I've been diagnosed with fibroids. What's next?

- Sateria Venable, Founder of the Fibroid Foundation

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There are millions of us. Let's show the world how important menstrual health is!

1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with fibroids over the course of their lives, and arriving at that diagnosis can be a winding road filled with misinformation and limited treatment options. We’re here to foster a supportive community where informed women have proactive conversations regarding their care and healing.

Here you can connect with trusted providers in medical and holistic treatment, learn how to address a uterine fibroid diagnosis, understand what treatment options exist and receive support from our amazing community every step of the way.

Take Control of Your Health

Self-care is a focal point of our mission.

Maintaining a good quality of life is important for all of us.  It’s particularly important when fibroids or other menstrual health concerns upset the balance of our body’s ecosystem.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


You are not alone.

The Fibroid Foundation Community has chapters around the world, and continues to grow.

Join a chapter, volunteer, or start a new chapter. 

Let’s travel this wellness journey together.

Be a healthcare champion

Are you a medical or holistic provider dedicated to expanded treatment options, shared decision making, and to developing collaborative partnerships with the patient community?


Join us at our next event

Events are an important way that we bring our community together for education and sisterhood.

Check out upcoming and previously recorded events.

Our Mission

As the premier global community of Fibroids patients, our mission is to be the voice of women living with Fibroids.

As a strong, supportive and empowered community, we are elevating menstrual health and fibroid treatment by:

  • Normalizing conversations about menstruation.
  • Fostering a movement for everyone with a uterus to thrive.
  • Eliminating treatment disparities with layered patient support.
  • Engaging family and community in the menstrual health mission

  • Enabling those diagnosed with uterine fibroids to experience a smooth path to treatment with fulfilling outcomes

  • Sparking joy through advocacy.

  • Understanding how and why fibroids develop, and ultimately finding a cure.

Learn more about our mission, our incredible founder–Sateria, and our partners that make our work possible.

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