Elevating the Voices of
Women living with Fibroids

Upcoming events

The Fibroid Foundation hosts a variety of engaging and informative events to advocate for patient-centered fibroids research and erase the stigma around fibroids and menstruation.

Join us as we discuss fibroids through each chapter of life, from the onset of menses to post-menopause.

Past Event Recordings

What Past Event-Goers are Saying

“I learned so much, and feel so empowered after hearing the speakers. I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel like I have tools and I have so many more options. Thank you. And I plan to pass this along to others.”

– 2022 Fibroid Summit Attendee

“Some fantastic nuggets for anyone going in for surgery and those supporting them.  Short and sweet too. Much appreciated!”

– 2021 ‘Get Ready for Surgery’ Attendee

“As a person dealing with fibroids, I am so THANKFUL for this organization and their work!”

– Syeetah, Fibroid Foundation Community Member