Elevating the Voices of
Women living with Fibroids

Upcoming events

The Fibroid Foundation hosts a variety of engaging and informative events to advocate for patient-centered fibroids research and erase the stigma around fibroids and menstruation.

Past Event Recordings

Fibroid Summit 2023 | Day 2

Fibroid Summit 2023 | Day 1

Fibroids and Menopause

The Black Maternal Health Crisis

Workplace Strategies for Menstrual Care

Plastics and Fibroids

Capitol Hill Briefing

Conversations on Capitol Hill

The State of Women’s Health Equity

From First Flow to Last Flow

Join us as we discuss fibroids through each chapter of life, from the onset of menses to post-menopause.

Fibroids and Fertility

Fibroid Summit 2022

The 2021 Fibroid Foundation Gala

Your Voice is Powerful

Get Ready For Surgery; The Organized Soprano Way

What Past Event-Goers are Saying

“I learned so much, and feel so empowered after hearing the speakers. I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel like I have tools and I have so many more options. Thank you. And I plan to pass this along to others.”

– 2022 Fibroid Summit Attendee

“Some fantastic nuggets for anyone going in for surgery and those supporting them.  Short and sweet too. Much appreciated!”

– 2021 ‘Get Ready for Surgery’ Attendee

“As a person dealing with fibroids, I am so THANKFUL for this organization and their work!”

– Syeetah, Fibroid Foundation Community Member