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      Are sanitary products becoming the next focal point of social entrepreneurship?  Perhaps. In

      The Fibroid Foundation is part of a groundbreaking $20 million, 5-year research effort funded

      Will my fibroids shrink as I near menopause? This is a question frequently asked by women.  The

      Laparoscopic power morcellators can be used by surgeons to divide or shred tissue when performing

    We recently received a mention in the Huffington Post Healty Living article, FIBROIDS: TIME TO END THE

    As we strive to find a cure for fibroids, awareness is key. Sateria Venable of The Fibroid Foundation

      It’s International Women’s Day –  A global celebration of women. We’ve

      Juicing is sooooo important.  Juicing provides you with the maximum nutrients provided by vegetables.

      I’ve been very cognizant lately that when you’re working daily toward a goal, you

    YOUR OPINION MATTERS! We are evaluating names for an upcoming fibroid research effort. We would love

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