National Menstrual Health Awareness Month 2024 Social Media Toolkit

Join us in observing National Menstrual Health Awareness Month this May! This toolkit is crafted to help individuals and organizations increase awareness and understanding of menstrual health challenges. It includes educational graphics, impactful social media posts, and suggested hashtags.


Menstruation is a natural biological process, yet it is shrouded in silence and stigma in many cultures. This stigma has a profound impact on the lives of women, girls, and those who menstruate, affecting their health, education, well-being, and access to equality. Throughout the month of May and year-round, we aim to highlight these issues and encourage open discussions that challenge these harmful perceptions and promote inclusivity.

1. Download by right-clicking an image below (desktop) or holding/screenshotting (mobile) to save it onto your device.

2. Log on to your favorite social media site, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

3. Copy and paste one of the sample messages below into your social media post with an accompanying image—or create your own message that includes the #NationalMenstrualHealthAwarenessMonth2024 hashtag.

4. Post to show your support on your favorite social media platform.

Sample Social Media Posts

In honor of National Menstrual Health Awareness Month this month, confront a stark reality: 1 in 5 girls in the U.S. misses school due to a lack of menstrual products. Stand with us to fight for menstrual equity. #NationalMenstrualHealthAwarenessMonth 2024 #MenstrualHealthAwareness #MenstrualHealthAffectsEveryone

This National Menstrual Health Awareness Month, reflect on this fact: According to the World Bank, nearly half a billion individuals face inadequate menstrual facilities. Join hands globally to forge paths to access and dignity. #NationalMenstrualHealthAwarenessMonth 2024 #MenstrualHealthAwareness #MenstrualHealthAffectsEveryone

Menstrual health isn’t just a woman’s issue—it’s a human rights issue. This May, join the conversation and be part of the change. Educate, advocate, and support. #NationalMenstrualHealthAwarenessMonth 2024 #MenstrualHealthAwareness #MenstrualHealthAffectsEveryone

This National Menstrual Health Awareness Month, be a part of the global movement. Rally for change and make menstrual health a priority. Every share and every voice counts. #NationalMenstrualHealthAwarenessMonth 2024 #MenstrualHealthAwareness #MenstrualHealthAffectsEveryone

Every man has mothers, sisters, partners, and/or daughters who menstruate, yet it remains a topic shrouded in secrecy and stigma. This National Menstrual Health Awareness Month, I’m urging men to be vocal supporters of menstrual equity. Promote accessibility and education, and fight for the rights of menstruators in your lives.

Menstrual stigma shatters lives. This month, let’s shatter menstrual stigma instead. It’s time to talk openly about menstruation and its impacts on overall health. Together, we can end the shame. #NationalMenstrualHealthAwarenessMonth 2024 #MenstrualHealthAwareness #MenstrualHealthAffectsEveryone

Menstrual health is a human issue. It affects everyone. This National Menstrual Health Awareness Month provides the opportunity for men to educate themselves about menstruation. Understanding leads to empathy, and empathy leads to action. Join us in creating a supportive environment for everyone. #NationalMenstrualHealthAwarenessMonth 2024 #MenstrualHealthAwareness #MenstrualHealthAffectsEveryone

Lack of menstrual hygiene management facilities and products impacts productivity and causes economic losses. Investing in menstrual health is investing in economic prosperity. Let’s make a change this year. #NationalMenstrualHealthAwarenessMonth2024 #MenstrualHealthAwareness #MenstrualHealthAffectsEveryone

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    Every donation to the Fibroid Foundation, no matter the size, contributes to a world where menstrual health is acknowledged and supported universally. Join us in this vital cause.