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    Like you, I’m at home practicing social distancing.  As I watch the news and daily changes in

    Fibroids, Fertility, and Pregnancy: What You Need To Know By Dr. Pietro Bortoletto Uterine fibroids

    What are my options now that I have been diagnosed with fibroids? by William H. Catherino, MD, PhD  

    July is Fibroid Awareness Month. This year’s theme is #WomenChangingTheStory. We are more empowered

    Please send some ?to a member of our sisterhood in Kentucky who had this baby-sized fibroid removed

    Not All heavy, painful periods are due to fibroids! by Pietro Bortoletto, MD Not all heavy vaginal bleeding

    Happy New Year!   Isn’t it wonderful to welcome a new year! It’s an opportunity to hit

    Days for Girls International is an international organization providing access to menstrual care for

    Happy Holidays!! Thank you so much for being a part of our community this year. We are incredibly grateful

    Your contributions help us to make a difference! As our team expands and our programming schedule grows,

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