I’ve added a daily green juice to my nutritional plan.  I believe that nutrition is pivotal to healing.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell emphasizes the need for the medical community to take more aggressive strides in the area of nutrition with his poignant article – “It’s Time for an NIH Institute for Nutrition  .”

I know that leafy green vegetables hold tremendous healing properties.  There is much positive feedback on juicing as it relates to tumors.

I periodically drink beet and carrot juice, as well as green juices, but have never added juicing to my daily routine.  I believe that juicing on a regular basis is a critical element in healing uterine fibroid tumors.

My juicing this week consists of the following organic ingredients:
1 Pear or Peach
Dandelion Greens

I’ll be sure to let you know how I progress and what changes I’ve noticed.  And yes, of course, feel free to join me!!

I feel better already…

Healing from within,

“There is but one temple in the Universe and that is the Body of Man.”
– Novalis