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  • Questions For Your Provider

    Questions For Your Provider

    Talking Points for your Healthcare Provider

    Before your appointment, list your medications and supplements.  Take the list with you to your appointment

    • Ask your physician to review the exact location, size and number of uterine fibroids.  An MRI might be needed, and is the most comprehensive method for accurately identifying fibroid status.
    •  Rank your concerns and discuss available treatment options for each concern. (Example: Pain during intercourse, heavy menstrual bleeding, cramping, long periods, back pain, distended abdomen, fatigue, fertility, etc…)
    •  Is your provider skilled in the treatment option that you are considering.  Research your providers thoroughly, and always seek a second opinion.
    •  Is watchful waiting a viable treatment option
    •  If you feel weak, is your hemoglobin at a safe level?  Is lab work or possibly a transfusion needed?
    •  Ask for a referral to a fertility specialist if needed.
    •  Inquire about medical therapies.
    •  Ask if iron supplements or dietary changes are needed?  Perhaps visit a nutritionist.
    •  Will you be prescribed medication(s)?  Understand the function of the medication and potential side effects.

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