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  • Fibroid Awareness Month 2019. #WomenChangingTheStory

    July is Fibroid Awareness Month. This year’s theme is #WomenChangingTheStory.

    We are more empowered than ever before. This grassroots movement of patient advocacy spans 48 countries. Our voices are being heard, one woman at a time. Know that your voice matters. All of us contribute to the development of expanded treatment options and insights into the causes of fibroid growth.

    Visit our Fibroid Awareness Month calendar and join us for an event near you. Help us to continue raising our voices by sharing this year’s hashtag.



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    • Hermine Flore P Timamo Says:
      July 2, 2020 12:41:31

      I have a long history of fibroid. Everything started a the age of 17. I am 49 today, and I am still struggling after 5 surgeries. I was given an option of Hysterectomy, but I do not thing it will work for me. Thank you

      • FibroidFoundation Says:
        February 27, 2021 05:02:07

        We are so sorry that you've had these experiences. Finding the right provider is critical. View our recent Fibroid Summit to learn more about treatments and providers. Feel free to send us a private message with your city. We may have a provider referral. Take care.



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