Our Mission

We are the voice of women living with Fibroids. We create and support initiatives to find a cure for fibroids. We advocate for ongoing funding of patient sensitive fibroids research. We work to erase the ‘Stigma of Silence’ around women’s menstrual issues. We work to minimize treatment disparities with layered patient support.

We are the premier global community of Fibroids patients.

Our Strategy

We focus on health to inspire women to build awareness. Our innovative programs, strategic initiatives and powerful partnerships directly reach women in their daily lives and healthcare providers in their daily practice.

Our Approach in Action

We take a multi-faceted approach to Fibroid education. By developing a collaborative partnership with fellow patients and healthcare providers, we’re fostering a supportive relationship where informed women have proactive conversations with trusted providers on a regular basis. As a patient-founded organization, our unique insights layered with a mix of digital and in-person strategies drives exponential change.