Fibroid Patient Care in the Age of Coronavirus

Like you, I’m at home practicing social distancing.  As I watch the news and daily changes in coronavirus pandemic guidelines, I am constantly thinking about all of you.  I wonder how you are feeling.  I wonder if some of you are avoiding the emergency room because you are afraid of contracting CoVID-19, or taxing the stressed healthcare system.  I wonder if you are ok.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what might be helpful to you during this time of crisis, and wanted to convey some thoughts that I hope will be helpful.


What should I do if I’m in pain?

If you have an over the counter pain medicine, try taking that first.


Use a heating pad.

Don’t let your hands or feet get too hot or too cold.

If the pain lasts for longer than 1 day.  Call your physician.


What should I do if I’m bleeding heavily?

Monitor your symptoms closely.

If your symptoms of heavy bleeding last longer that 1-2 days, call your physician.

Take a stroll.  Sometimes a walk can loosen your sacrum and reduce bleeding.

Mild pelvic yoga can sometimes help. Avoid inversions.  Inversions should not be done during your period.

Don’t take hot showers or baths.  This will make you bleed more.

Avoid red meat, coffee and soy products.  Sometimes chicken will cause you to bleed more as well.  A vegetarian or pescetarian diet during this time is best.

If you are short of breath, seeing stars or have pale palms, you are probably anemic and need medical care.

Take an iron supplement (preferably one that is non-constipating), and juice to boost your hemoglobin level.


How do I get help?

Call your doctor if your bleeding is abnormal or causing concern.  Request a call back even if it’s an evening or weekend.


What if I’m scheduled for surgery?

Discuss your surgical plan with your doctor.

Perhaps a medical therapy can be administered until hospital patient volume normalizes.


How can I stay calm?


Practice Yoga

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