Waking Up to the Global Need for Sanitary Products

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Are sanitary products becoming the next focal point of social entrepreneurship?  Perhaps.

In some countries, it is relatively easy to find and purchase sanitary products.  My friends and I would often joke about the monthly expense, and how it adds up over the years.  In many areas of the world, however, purchasing sanitary products is either not an option, or is an enormous sacrifice.

A recent New York Times article, thankfully, put the spotlight on this issue.  I’m so pleased to see this discussion taking place in an open forum.  Should sanitary products be subsidized?  They are critical to the health and well-being of billions of women worldwide.

Let’s talk about it!  A lot!  Let’s examine the economic implications, and explore creative approaches to modernizing the immense, global personal care products industry.

Your thoughts Ladies (and Gents)?!

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