Do hair relaxers cause fibroids? – AN UPDATE!!



I had an opportunity to hear Dr. Lauren Wise speak at a Fibroid Summit on March 30th at Howard University.  Regarding her research on fibroids and the link to relaxers, Dr. Wise stated that, “I don’t want people to conclude that it’s a causal association yet.”  I appreciate Dr. Wise’s clarification as we all continue to seek answers to cure fibroids.


Dr. Lauren Wise of Boston University recently published an article in the American Journal of Epidemiology ( that hypothesizes that relaxer use and fibroid growth may be linked.  As I began to research this data, I discovered an article posted on a natural haircare site CurlyNikki:  Nikki Walton, author of the CurlyNikki blog, did a phenomenal job of objectively researching this topic.  Rather than replicate her sentiments, I’ll just add my thoughts on this subject.

70{089f036bcf71a4101b04d04475126de09cd53d2a276176fb3b030106ba816fa1} of African American women have fibroids.  There are many African American women who have used relaxers for decades that do not have fibroids.  I would like to see more extensive research done specifically on relaxers as they relate to fibroids since Dr. Wise’s study included several environmental test factors.

My experience with fibroids leads me to advocate more for research of how our bodies process hormones.  This is the key!

There are many factors that have shown evidence to possibly trigger the growth of a fibroid…DNA, poor meridian health, sacrum compression and ingested hormones…the list goes on.  If hair relaxers are part of the equation, I am definitely interested in learning more.  If the correlation between relaxers and fibroids is indeed hypothetical, I hope that the press will also communicate the hypothetical nature of this study so that false information isn’t circulated.  There has been a firestorm of controversy on this subject over the past few days.

A wonderful take away would be if this study sparked regulation of the ingredients in relaxers.  I will continue to keep this topic on my radar screen.  Many thanks to Nikki Walton for her article!

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“For most folks, no news is good news; for the press, good news is not news.”

-Gloria Borger

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