Be Your Own Advocate

One thing that I’ve definitely learned during this health journey is that I must be my own advocate. 

I can’t even count the number of times that a physician said the word hysterectomy to me.  Even if motherhood is not a desire, the uterus impacts women emotionally and physically in myriad ways as medical research is just beginning to emphasize.  Fibroids are currently the primary reason for hysterectomy.  This should not be.  Removal of the uterus can be devastating.

Advocacy must be a part of every interaction that you have with medical and holistic professionals as it relates to your health.  Trust your instincts when making decisions about your care.

Ten years passed before I found a physician whom I trusted enough to remove my fibroids.  My physician was also the first fibroid specialist to schedule me for an MRI.  An MRI reveals the location of the fibroid(s), and the blood supply to the fibroids, far better than an ultrasound.  This is all critical information that a surgeon needs prior to operating on a patient.

Ask lots of questions.  Inquire about tests, medications, side effects, success rates, competency of your physician and physician’s assistants, etc…

I know that the symptoms that accompany fibroids can be terrifying, but it’s in your best interests to remain focused and manage your care.

Be well,

“We are Divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive.”
-Wayne Dyer