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    I’ve been talking about launching this blog forever, and I’m finally doing it!

    Advocacy in the area of fibroids is a passionate topic for me.  The health issues that I have faced since being diagnosed have monopolized my life, and become a serious mission for me.  I’m launching this blog (the web version of FibroidTalks) and The Fibroid Initiative to share my story and to bring attention to the plight of women with fibroids.

    My most recent undertaking has been to align my career with my Spirit.  I believe that launching The Fibroid Foundation is accomplishing that goal.  For the first time in my life I feel like I’m working on something that is truly a reflection of me!
    How often do we trod through our daily activities without carving out meaningful spaces of activity that truly capture the essence of who we are?  I believe that when we are out of balance, the resulting stress can be a contributing factor to fibroid growth.

    I’m going to strive to stay on this nurturing path.  I hope that you will join me!

    In The Fibroid Foundation Blog, I will focus on topics that have been meaningful to me.  I welcome new topics for discussion as well.


    “We deliver ourselves from sickness and troubles in exact proportion to our discovery of ourselves and our true relationship to the Whole.”
    Ernest Holmes



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