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    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany Jones, Executive Director of Pink Chose Me.

    Tiffany is a breast cancer survivor with an uplifting spirit.  Her foundation, Pink Chose Me, supports and uplifts fellow women with breast cancer diagnoses.  Tiffany’s foundation has a broad reach and is bringing encouragement and smiles to others.

    All of us know someone who has been touched by breast cancer.  It is important for them to focus on hope and phenomenal resources.  Pink Chose Me provides that and MORE!

    I attended a Dubin Center cancer talk recently with Tiffany, and discovered that there are many common threads of information that the fibroid community and breast cancer community share.

    Among them are:

    1. ADVOCATE.  You and your physician should have a collaborative relationship.

    2. FOOD.  While this is still a moving target, we are learning more each day.  Pay attention to dietary research and indicators.

    3. SUPPORT.  We all need a supportive, nurturing community.  Foundations and progressive medical communities provide that much needed supportive base.

    Please forward this information to anyone who will benefit from it.   The efforts of Pink Chose Me are heartwarming.  I wish Tiffany and her organization much success!


    “Happiness… consists in giving, and in serving others.”

    ~Henry Drummond





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