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    Hello My Dear Fibroid Initiative Family,
    I must apologize for disappearing while I started a new job.  As a close friend tells me, I felt like I was, “…drinking water from a fire hose.”, with all of the new information I absorbed in my new role. That said, I’ve missed you tremendously, and am refocusing my attention to the very important cause of fibroid education and wellness.

    While I have been away, I have still been attentive to my journey to wellness.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with you moving forward.

    2011 began with weekly acupuncture appointments.  I learned a lot about the body’s meridians, and payed close attention to the pressure points in my body that directly affect my uterus.  When receiving an acupuncture treatment it’s best to clear your mind.  I wonder if my inability to do this on some days halted the effectiveness of my treatment.

    I began to see an improvement in my monthly symptoms with the acupuncture, and in recent weeks have reduced my appointments to monthly visits.  Although the improvement is welcome, I believe that I am still far from an optimal quality of life as it relates to fibroids and uterine wellness.  If I still have to coordinate my activities around my monthly cycle, then there is still much work to be done.

    I must say a word about my acupuncturist as well.  As I’ve mentioned, I believe that we must be incredibly careful about selecting healthcare advisors.  My acupuncturist is a third-generation acupuncturist, with a kind spirit – aka good energy.  Good energy is critical in healing.

    I look forward to reaching out to you in the coming weeks, and would appreciate any comments in The Fibroid Initiative’s Forum or on Facebook.

    Be well,

    “…Life waits upon our discovery of natural laws, our discovery of ourselves, and our discovery of our relationship to the great Whole.”
    -Ernest Homes



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