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    AHRQ conf 2015

    This week, The Fibroid Foundation is participating in two conferences – the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Academy Health, 2015 AHRQ Research Conference, and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Annual Meeting.

    When you are working toward a goal, many days can be spent with your team working alone, focused on the mission at hand.  Once in a while – and these instances are fortunately increasing – you have an opportunity to expand your reach on a broader scale.  This, is one of those instances.

    We are excited to be your voice and to share the stories of women diagnosed with uterine fibroids.  This is a crisis.  I intend to continue to treat it as such, until we find a cure!

    It can be done!  I am more motivated and encouraged with each day, each talk, each email…and YOUR RESPONSES are THE BEST!

    I will share an overview of the conference, and hope that you will be following us on social media.

    Be Well, Be Well, yes, BE WELL!






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