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    It still amazes me how varied the advice is that a woman can receive regarding reproductive health.  Moving to a new city has reminded me how difficult it can be to find superior medical care.  One subject that is only now being more frequently discussed is fertility preservation.

    If you are over 30 and desire to carry a child, FREEZE YOUR EGGS NOW!  I cannot stress enough how important this is.  For most women, each year over the age of 30, your level of egg production decreases.  The typical procedure to freeze eggs costs around $7,000.  Costs can rise from there in some instances.  Don’t be dismayed by the cost.  It’s well worth the investment in your future.  The success rate in thawing frozen eggs is about 80{089f036bcf71a4101b04d04475126de09cd53d2a276176fb3b030106ba816fa1}.  The technology has evolved significantly.

    Fibroids can cause significant fertility complications.  A fertility preservation plan can provide peace of mind as well as a plan B if you have complications.

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