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    It’s summer in Chicago!

    I had plans to go to an arts festival with a friend.  She suddenly felt very ill, and told me that her menstrual cycle was beginning.  She felt nauseous and kept getting hot flashes, and then chills.  I told her to go home and lie down.  We both laughed because she knew that I definitely understood her predicament.

    Seeing my friend in such abrupt discomfort reminded me that I no longer have that symptom.  My menstrual cycles begin without the immense distress of the past.  I believe that the difference has been the elimination of meat from my diet.  Many of us cannot process the excess hormones found in meat.  I occasionally eat organic chicken, which I probably need to stop eating as well, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my monthly cycles.

    I used to have to wrap up, or stay cool, depending on the season.  If I neglected to regulate my body temperature on day one of my cycle, I would get very ill.

    Eliminating meat was very difficult for me.  I guess that I finally got tired of suffering.  I monitor my dairy intake as well.

    I suggested to my friend that diet may be the culprit causing her symptoms.  I know that many of us plan our lives around our monthly cycles and our quality of life is significantly compromised.  If the discomfort fell on a weekend, I would consider it a Godsend.  However, when my discomfort interfered with work, I would often get anxious because I knew that I was not well enough to be in the office.

    I recommend watching your diet, and strategically removing certain foods.  Journal your body’s response and adjust your food intake accordingly.  Holistic practitioners, nutritionists and integrative medicine physicians are excellent resources in this arena.  Everyone’s body is different, and responds differently to foods and monthly hormone surges.

    Be well,

    “Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”


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