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  • 5 Ways To Show Yourself Love This Month!

    Ahhh, it’s February – the month of LOVE. Love is healing. Love is a unifying emotion that begins within. As I thought about the February newsletter, I thought that it might be good to identify some simple steps that we can all take to love ourselves toward greater health.

    Step 1: Meditation

    The stresses of the world can weigh heavily on us day to day. The centering effects of meditation are incredibly clarifying. One of the ways that I plan to love myself more this month is by increasing the number of times that I meditate each week. Meditation is always a wonderful first step. With clear thoughts as your foundation, life flows.

    Step 2: Exercise

    I’m sure it’s no secret that yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand. However, any exercise that you add to your daily routine can be beneficial. Walking, stretching, finding a workout partner – these are all easy, ways to show yourself love. Finding exercises that address overall circulation and pelvic and spinal health can be helpful in addressing fibroid discomfort.

    Step 3: Holistic and Medical Care

    Every January in Chicago, I purchase the “Chicago Magazine – Top Doctor’s” issue. I look forward to this issue every January because it lists physicians recommended by other physicians. I believe that additional research is always a good plan of action, but this is a great start. I found a surgeon that I absolutely adore via this magazine.  Many cities have guides to top physicians. Finding the absolute best healthcare is imperative. For preventive medicine and holistic care, you may have to dig a little deeper. My go-to care providers include an OB/GYN, a fertility specialist, a Naprapath, a Reiki specialist and an Acupuncturist. Be sure to have updated lab work done when you visit your healthcare provider (For women who are bleeding heavily, ask the lab to draw as little blood as possible. Find out exactly how many vials will be drawn. If the labs aren’t urgent, you may want to come back when your blood count is higher.)

    Step 4: Nutrition

    This month would be a great time to make one or more nutritional changes that you’ve been pondering. Sometimes it’s helpful to journal your symptoms month to month. Pay close attention to what you eat and how your body responds. Do you need to drink more water, start juicing, eliminate coffee, dairy, etc…? When you see positive results, note that as well. Does the nutritional change need to occur only during your menstrual cycle, or permanently?

    Step 5: Vitamins

    Menorrhagia, or heavy bleeding, causes us to lose nutrients. We must compensate for this loss with diet and nutritional supplements. I take two liquid vitamins each day that were recommended by my acupuncturist – a multi-vitamin and B-complex. I also take a pretty hefty iron supplement (Be sure to clear your iron intake with your physician, as too much iron can be dangerous). Again, journal your results.



    “I don’t like myself, I’m crazy about myself.”

    -Mae West

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