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  • 2019 is Yours!

    Happy New Year!

    Isn’t it wonderful to welcome a new year! It’s an opportunity to hit the reset button.
    Two themes that you will see from us in 2019 are SELF-CARE and EXPANSION.
    The holiday lull reminded us how important it is to recharge. All of us need downtime during our days and our weeks to be still and to have moments of self-care. We needn’t wait for the holiday.
    Our wholeness requires consistent ‘Me-Time’.
    A self-care focus then allows for expansion into the areas of our lives that bring us the greatest joy. Health is a key component to wholeness. To be healthy, centered and whole, is our wish for you, as well as for ourselves here at the foundation.
    Let’s step into 2019 with a renewed focus. One that will reveal unimaginable good.
    We welcome you to reach out to us to establish a chapter, or join an existing chapter. Follow us for updates on upcoming events beginning with our yoga event on January 19th.

    2019 is yours!

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